Reliable automated parking systems since 2005.

About our company


All of our automated parking systems require custom design which is executed by our experienced engineers.


Manufacturing, assembling and testing of our parking systems take place in our own factory.


R&D center has been set up in Hungary for the constant development of the automated parking system’s technology.

Why us?

Professional experience

Our company has 20+ years of experience in the field of automation including automated parking systems.


All of our systems are based on realiable technology which is confirmed by our completed projects.


The flexibility of the automated parking system means it is possible to design and build parking lots for almost any size of plot and topography, including those in which a conventional parking lot or other parking systems could not be accommodated.


During construction a smaller footprint and shorter construction time is required. Certain equipments (eg. lifts, staircases, ventilation, lighting, etc.) are not required to install.

During operation automated parking systems consume less energy and require less maintenance.


Through their decades of experience, our supplier partners guarantee the proper and reliable operation of the completed systems and the global service background.


During operation, automated parking systems are more environmental friendly because the engines of the vehicles are switched off during the parking and retrieval process.

The system requires a smaller footprint and shorter construction time than conventional parking lots.


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