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DSS-MP designs, manufactures, and supplies automated parking systems based on Siemens’s electrical and automation parts.


The automated system’s architecture is based on intelligent subsystems, each having its own PLC and functions. Should a part fail, the unaffected components operate independently to assume control and operation of the system without any data loss, giving a high level of redundancy. Commands and communication are uninterrupted.

The speed of operation depends on the weight of the vehicle, which is measured during the entry process. Faster transportation can be achieved using this method than with constant-speed systems.

In addition, all automation and electrical components are sourced from Siemens thereby avoiding compatibility problems.

No hydraulic or pneumatic parts are used.


Siemens – development partner for the electrical and automation design and supplier of electrical and automation parts.

Designa – supplier for the access control system.

Meru Networks – fourth-generation Virtual Cell WLAN system is used. Communication between components is performed wirelessly.


The flexibility of the automated parking system means it is possible to design and build parking lots for almost any size of plot and topography, including those in which a conventional parking lot or other parking systems could not be accommodated.


During construction a smaller footprint and shorter construction time is required and certain equipments (eg. lifts, staircases, ventilation, lighting, etc.) are not required.
During operation automated parking systems consume less energy and require less maintenance.


As a systems integrator for Siemens, the company provides 24/7 service and support for its systems around the world through Siemens’s global network.


The system requires a smaller footprint and shorter construction time than conventional parking lots.

During operation, automated parking systems are more environmentally friendly because the engines of the vehicles are switched off during the parking and retrieval process.